Large Bore Hose

Table Bay Rubber manufactures large bore hoses which are resistant to wear and provide maximum operational life. The company supplies a large range of products designed to meet all large bore hose requirements.

Products include:

Hand built hose
Hoses are constructed with UV and weather resistant outer cover and able to operate in normal temperatures (-20ºC to +85 ºC) as well as uncommon temperatures (-40 ºC to +150 ºC). Hoses can handle working pressures of up to 4000kPa.

Size: internal diameter:Length: Working pressure up to:
25mm-1000mmup to 20m 4000kpa (100mm)

  • Customised hoses are available in hard and soft wall configurations
  • Outer cover: UV and weather resistant
  • Temperature rating: Normal:
    • -20˚C to + 85˚C
    • Special: -40˚C to +150˚C

Dredger Hose

Dredger hose is built to be flexible while withstanding the vacuums created during dredging. The hose features unique double flanges designed to handle flexing, and a hard abrasion resistant lining, engineered to withstand wear from stone and fines.

Other large bore hoses available:

  • Bunkering Hoses
  • Drill Rig Hoses
  • Ducting Hoses
  • Fish Hoses
  • Furnace Coolant Hoses
  • Gun Monitor Hoses
  • Shaft Sinking Hoses
  • Concrete Placement Hoses
Hose bends:
Hose bends provide customised solutions which maximise potential cost-savings by using the correct linings and pressure ratings to extend product life.

Inner Liners
Inner hose liners are available for all hoses to meet application specific requirements. Hose liners ensure a prolonged product life, which facilitates major cost-savings.

Wear Detectors:
Electronic wear detectors act as an early warning system, which allows the maximum working life to be extracted from each large bore hose. 90% utilisation of the pipe surface can be achieved through the use of wear detectors and hose rotation.