Hose Fittings

Flanges are available in a variety of configurations with diameters of up to of 1000 mm internal diameter to meet all connection applications.

Flanges available:

  • Fixed flange
  • Floating flange
  • Split flange
    ( reusable aluminium split coupling, rated to pressures up to 1000 kPa)
  • D-section (beaded) ring and flange
  • Double (laminated) flange

Reusable split flange couplings

Split flange couplings have being designed to handle working pressures of up to 1000 kPa and are capable of even higher pressures when using two flanges in unison. The product is ideal for connecting new hose, joining hose to steel pipe and joining rubber hose to HDPE pipe.

Reusable split flange couplings are available for hose sizes ranging from 50 mm to 610 mm in internal diameter. In addition, our range is compatible with all major flange standards.